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Metal Caskets
Metal Caskets are made of bronze, copper, stainless steel, and are known for their protective features and unique finishes. Bronze and copper are among the most durable and beautiful of metals; both are naturally non-rusting. Stainless and carbon steel caskets come in a variety of grades, gauges, styles and finishes. Manufactured and tested to be completely resistant to the entrance of air and water, metal caskets combine lasting protection and beauty.

Hardwood Caskets
Hardwood Caskets are available in a variety of types and species: mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, ash, pine and poplar. They are hand crafted like fine furniture showing their natural and unique graining features. These caskets are the choice of families who appreciate the warmth and beauty of natural wood.

Cremation Caskets
Cremation Caskets include: Hardwood Caskets for those desiring the very best; Cremation Containers for those wanting a simple yet dignified container to protect their loved one

Jewish Caskets
Jewish Caskets are biodegradable and composed entirely from wood.

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